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Welcome to Fishing Top 1000 – the ‘ranking by traffic’ site for anglers and sports fishermen and women all over the world.
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Welcome to the Fat Fisherman's ‘Top 1000 Fishing Websites’. A "ranking by
traffic" site set up by an angling webmaster for other angling webmasters.

It's easy to join up and have a logo & counter appear [showing how your
traffic compares with other angling websites].

When you apply you will be sent some html code, it must be put on your front
page (the html version) so others will see it when visiting the site. Wait until
you are ready to do this before you apply, because your application cannot
be approved until I can see the counter - when I approve it, it will activate.
An application will automatically lapse after 48 hours if the code hasn’t been
pasted. (If you are having problems get in touch).

The ‘title’ of your site must be the one that appears on your site. You must use
the correct email address and make sure you are set up to receive email or
you code won’t be sent or I will not be able to contact you if there is a problem
and will have to remove the site from the listings.

Please keep descriptions of your website short or they will be edited down -
10 words maximum! You can use any user name and password you like but
remember them in case you need to edit anything afterwards. Please note:
your chosen username must not contain gaps. (one word only, or words and
numbers run together) or the stats counter will not appear…

Happy angling and tight lines!

If you think that a site that appears in these rankings is cheating or just doesn't qualify for
inclusion then please let us know and it will be removed – this site is NOT automated but,
sometimes, defunct sites get hijacked or hacked!

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1 Neutral Fatfisherman
Aiming to be the world's most comprehensive angling website

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